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A systematic review of 47 studies (9 RCT’s, 23 NRS’s, and 15 observational studies) concluded that:
“Tai Chi appears to have physiological and psychosocial benefits and also appears to be safe and effective in promoting balance control,  flexibility,  and cardiovascular fitness in older patients with chronic conditions”.

Tai Chi and the PT: Extending a Continuum of Care Using Tai Chi to Improve Gait, Balance, Core Strength and Other Quality of Life Indicators. Evidence based prevention, wellness, and therapy.

In this one day physical therapy continuing education course, participants will learn the basic set of  evidence based Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance movements, a teaching protocol, and a method for planning/analyzing fidelity of program implementation.    Receive detailed lesson planning materials and video for home study.

Tai Chi, which resides in the mind-body domain of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, has long been the subject of research in healthcare and wellness domains, and a significant body of scientific evidence suggests that the time has come for rehabilitation professionals to embrace this simple, traditional, popular form of exercise as a component of their practice.  Participants in this physical therapy continuing education /continuing competence course will have a chance to review relevant, contemporary literature on tai chi as a component of therapy, or adjunct for addressing disability within the scope of physical therapy practice.  An overview of literature pertaining to Tai Chi applied as therapy for other ailments, particularly chronic conditions advances a substantial argument for it’s application as a practical prevention and wellness strategy.  This physical therapy continuing education course workshop illustrates in a hands on fashion how Tai Chi can be integrated into traditional therapy strategies for rehabilitation, and extend the physical therapist’s continuum to the prevention and wellness phases of patient care.

Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and rehabilitation specialists of all disciplines, Fitness and Personal Trainers, Dance, Yoga and Tai Chi instructors: learn a top tier prevention and wellness program. Evidence BasedTai Chi practiced as a group activity is an opportunity for social interaction between like-minded community dwelling adults.

This Physical Therapy Continuing Education Course is the result of years of working with researchers, educators, practitioners and their patients in community living situations, and combines a practical,  experience factor of long term tai chi (mind-body medicine*) program implementation with the clinical research results of an exercise program.

*The ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and behavioral factors can directly affect health.

Physical Therapist Continuing Education Course