Tai Chi & Qigong as Physical Therapy Course

Tai Chi & Qigong as  Physical Therapy Course        Spring 2017 Brochure

This dynamic workshop has been expanded to reflect the growing demand for Complementary and Alternative (Integrative) approaches to health and well being.  Mounting evidence suggests that these practices are delivering results.   The Tai Chi & Qigong as Physical Therapy Course workshop will give participants additional time to practice the Tai Chi exercises learned on the first day, and to examine Tai Chi as a Mind-Body practice.  Participants are also given the opportunity to examine first hand, several other related practices identified as “Qigong” (cheegoong) , analyze the impact of the practices on treatment, and document your analysis and patient instructions.  The expanded workshop consists of a day and a half (12 Hours) of mostly lab or workshop experience.  Therapists are welcome to participate in the Day 1 workshop or both Day 1 and Day 2 workshop*. Fast paced, fun, simulation and role play.

Tai Chi & Qigong as Physical Therapy Course
“Evidence Based Mind-Body Practices and the Physical Therapist: Extending the Continuum of Care with Tai Chi & Qigong” Two Options  8 CCC’s for one day workshop, 13 CCC’s for day and a half workshop.

Develop effective, practical, personalized strategies for promoting health and well-being.
Make better evidence-based decisions regarding use of complementary and integrative therapies in health care and health promotion.


Physical Therapists and other practitioners gain knowledge and skill to integrate evidence based Mind-Body practices with planned or ongoing therapy intervention as part of their clinical practice.  Learn a short Tai Chi routine to use as an injury (fall) prevention strategy.  Practice and learn several Qigong self-care (wellness, well-being) techniques: Enjoy the benefits yourself!


Review the evidence for Mind-Body practices reducing risk of injury, impairment, functional limitation & disability, and promotion & maintenance of fitness, health & wellness:

  • 20 + years of study: Peer Reviewed RCT’s, Reviews, Integrative Reviews, Systematic Reviews, Meta-Analyses, and Bibliometric Reviews.
  • Nine Outcome Categories

Provide evidence based Tai Chi injury (fall) prevention training as part of your clinical practice.

Analyze community based Mind-Body programs to determine effects on planned or on-going treatment, discuss and document instructions to client, influence client preference.

  • Learn age old health improving/health maintenance practices (Qigong) with instructor.
  • Analyze using a standardized framework.
  • Discuss/Document analysis and patient instructions.

This Tai Chi & Qigong as Physical Therapy Course will give professionals and practitioners necessary knowledge and skills to begin using Tai Chi as (injury) fall prevention activity.  Participants will also be able to identify, analyze, integrate and educate clients on the effects Qigong (other Mind-Body practices) could have on current or planned treatment.




*Day 1 or Day 1 & 2 options only have been reviewed for credit.  Day 2 only  is NOT an available credit option.